Baseball Trading Pins: Bringing Kids Together

In baseball little leagues throughout the country, young players are not only learning how to properly bunt a baseball and turn a double-play, but they are also learning the value of hard work and the importance of being part of a team. As they make good plays throughout games and practices they are being rewarded with baseball pins signifying their accomplishments.

A new trend which has sprouted up is the use of baseball trading pins. These trading pins are presented to each of the players with the option for them to trade them with their teammates, or even kids on opposing teams. By building these relationships through trading pins, some great friendships are being formed that extend far beyond the baseball diamond, and some that will go on to last a lifetime. Here are just a few examples of how these pins are being utilized.

Individual Accomplishment

These baseball pins can come in a variety of designs and feature just about any message to signify an accomplishment both, on or off the field. Whether it is getting a hit or striking out an opposing batter, stealing a base or scoring a run, any accomplishment can be recognized. One of the best ways to present these baseball trading pins for individual accomplishments though is to have fellow teammates present them. This peer to peer recognition goes a long way in the building of a child’s self-esteem.

Team Accomplishment

For team victories, championships or milestones, these trading pins make for great forms of recognition. By each player on the team receiving one of these baseball trading pins as recognition for team accomplishment, it not only reinforces the achievement reached, but also builds camaraderie amongst the team knowing they achieved that goal together.

League Camaraderie

Leagues are also running initiatives to collect and trade these pins throughout the league. By doing this, relationships are being fostered across the individual teams where they may have not been in the past. Previously, kids on different teams may have been more divisive due simply to being on a different team, but through the implementation of these baseball trading pins, league officials are finding it to be the complete opposite. Players are really taking to these trading pins and reaching out across team lines where they normally would not have. This is also spilling over onto the field when an opposing player gets injured. Players from the opposing team, because of the relationships these baseball pins have fostered are among the first to go and help the injured player.

These baseball trading pins are helping to bring kids together in a world that focuses so much on individuality. Teaching them to value the importance of being their own person, while encouraging them to reach out to their peers, these baseball pins are serving a much broader purpose than signifying who has hit the most homeruns, or who plays for which team. These trading pins are working to build one big team and in that a brighter and better tomorrow.